The Centimetro collection was designed with flexibility and versatility in mind.No matter what the size or style of the space you are decorating, you’ll find the perfect piece to complete it, with our “made to measure” concept.

With its vast range of modular options and the FRAME pieces in aluminium which can be designed to your specific requirements, Centimetro offers an almost infinite range of bespoke options for personalised design.

So, why not let the fun begin and start designign your Centimetro layout, playing with the contrast of open and closed forms and choosing your perfect configuration of shelves and towel rails



 Made to measure furniture which optimises unusual or irregular spaces


Easy to position in those small, limited bathroom corners 


Fill your bathroom spaces with unique, elegant pieces which reflect your style..


Side Towel Rail

   The specially designed structure adds additional functionality to furniture with a customised front or side rail. 

Front Towe Rail

The towel rail frame and customisable shelves optimise open and closed spaces. 

Storage Units

Complete the look with storage pieces which can be installed 9 cm or further from the frame or floor mounted beside it.